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Revolutionizing Professional Services Company Operations in 8 Months

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A Short Circuit Success Story

In just 8 months, Short Circuit’s consulting services remarkably transformed the operations of a professional services company, leading to significant improvements in staff efficiency and cash flow. Faced with a rapidly evolving market and internal inefficiencies, the company was on the brink of a significant downturn. Short Circuit's intervention was not just timely but pivotal. Through a meticulous analysis of existing processes, identification of critical bottlenecks, and implementation of targeted solutions, Short Circuit navigated the company away from potential failure towards a path of sustainable growth and profitability.

Initial Challenges

Before Short Circuit's intervention, the company was grappling with severe operational inefficiencies that stifled its growth. Cash flow was erratic, processes were outdated, and the overall operations lacked the agility needed for the company to thrive. These challenges threatened the company's sustainability and its ability to compete in a rapidly evolving market.


Cash Flow




Initial Challenges

18-Month Projections Prior vs. 18-Month After Results

Before Short Circuit's engagement, the outlook for our professional services company was grim, with projections indicating a dire need for drastic measures, including a 40% reduction in staff and the looming possibility of closing doors within 18 months. These projections painted a bleak future, underscoring the urgent need for a comprehensive operational overhaul to avert an impending crisis. Fast forward 8 months after Short Circuit's strategic intervention, and the landscape transformed dramatically. The anticipated staff reduction was minimized to just 10%, a testament to the effectiveness of process optimization and efficiency improvements. Moreover, staff efficiency soared by 40%, a clear indicator of the streamlined operations and enhanced productivity. Most notably, cash flow saw a remarkable 50% increase, securing the company's financial health and setting a solid foundation for future growth.

18-Month Projections Prior

  • 40% staff reduction next 3 months
  • Closing in 18 months
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18-Month Results After

  • 10% staff reduction
  • 40% increase in staff efficiency 
  • 50% increase in cash flow

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